Every morning, on this quiet street, two friends meet up and brighten each other’s day (VIDEO)

Eleven-year-old Maisy, a Golden Retriever, waits on her front lawn for her friend, Richard, to arrive. Richard, with his walker, strolls down the street every morning, eager to greet his furry friend.

“Richard walks from the retirement community around my block and my dog loves him. Here they are saying hello to each other this morning,” Maisy’s dad, Mas, wrote on the TikTok post.

In the morning, Maisy would be lying down on the grass on their front lawn, keeping her eyes peeled for her friend.

Once she can see a glimpse of him, she stands up and strolls to the sidewalk. When he gets a little bit closer, Maisy would walk to Richard, who strokes her fur immediately.

Maisy’s tail would wag so fast when she catches a glimpse of Richard.

Talk about excited! She even lets out a low howl to greet Richard as he walks up to her.

Sometimes, Maisy would give Richard gifts, including a special leaf or stick she picked up.

Mas did not say when Maisie and Richard met each other or how they met. But it didn’t really matter. What matters was the friendship they’ve been forming and developing every morning they see each other.

One of the viewers said they must have been friends in a past life. And they must be because their bond and connection are just so special and unexplainable.

And it’s definitely very special for Richard who, at his age, may have fewer family and friends still alive to this day. Living in a retirement home is not always the best so meeting Maisy during his walks is a great reason to wake up in the morning.

To have Maisy to look forward to, eager to see you and be your friend, is a great reason to get up in the morning.

On this day, Maisy got up from the lawn and waited for Richard to reach her lawn before she strolled to the sidewalk to greet her best human friend.

Richard strokes Maisy’s fur from head to back, which Maisy loves.

The two of them have nothing but love to show each other.

And even when Maisy is not feeling her best and is moving a little slower on a particular day, she still shows up for her friend, who might miss her.

Although, there was one day that they came out to the lawn a little later than usual and they missed Richard on his daily walk.

But it’s okay. They were out again the next day and they saw Richard and Maisy was able to get her daily rubs.

Many followers were worried that it’ll get cold soon and Richard won’t be able to get out for his daily walks.

Maisy would miss him too much. But they’ll cross the bridge when they get there.

Want to see how Richard and Maisy greet each other? Watch the video below.

@mspeelhmbRichard walks from the retirement community around my block and my dog loves him. Here they are saying hello to each other this morning.♬ original sound – Mas

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