Brave goat and rooster save chicken from hawk attack(VIDEO).


This is a story about the extraordinary moment a roster and a goat teamed up to save a chicken from an approaching hawk.

As the hen tries to flee, feathers start to fly, but the hawk’s razor-sharp talons won’t let go. A brave rooster quickly approaches to rescue the hen and give the hawk a good talking.

It didn’t stop there.

Then, in an effort to save the frightened chicken, a goat runs up and starts to pound the hawk with its head.

The hawk finally releases off, and the birds dive into a neighboring hutch for safety.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Dutch farmer Jaap, 59, who was inside the farmhouse at the time, claims to have heard his animals outside shrieking inaudibly. He was shocked and horrified at what might be happening.

While the chaos was still going on, he hurried over to the window. Jaap then reviewed the CCTV tape, and he was very pleased with what he discovered.

He was amazed at what he saw.

“I was so proud of the rooster and the goat jumping in to defend our chicken,” Jaap said in gratitude. “I was also very relieved the chicken survived.”

He continued, “I heard the screaming animals but it was too late to see the attacker so I checked the CCTV. It took only 17 seconds between the appearance and disappearance of the hawk.”

The goat and the rooster were quick to rescue.

According to him, the chicken only suffered two minor wounds from the whole ordeal. It was back to its normal state just quickly after the incident. He also gives credit to the other birds that stayed with the chicken to keep it company.

Jaap said that it wasn’t the first time his animals have valiantly defended one another.

This is actually the third attack.

“In the seven years I have lived here, it’s the third attack on our chickens,” he shared. “This was the second from a goshawk and the other was a buzzard. In the two previous attacks, the turkey and the goats saved the chickens.”

Indeed, all the animals with Jaap treat each other like family. They seem to always be ready to protect each other. Animals are amazing!

And people love it!

Jaap recorded the remarkable rescue and uploaded it online. In just over a week, almost a million people have seen the video. It spread like wildfire!

“There’s solidarity against predators among the preys, and this goes beyond the species. I remember that documentary where an adult whale prevented a scuba diver to dive in because she was aware a big shark was just underneath. Nice video,” one commenter posted.

Another one wrote, “I love the second chicken bolting in, no questions asked. It’s completely helpless compared to the hawk and probably can’t do much, if anything, but runs in to save its buddy anyway. True friend right there.”

This is such a great lesson from animals. We should always be ready to defend one another!

Check out the video below to watch the rooster and the goat save the chicken.

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