Call Your Dog’s Name When They Are Next To You (VIDEO)

Pets will always be our stress relievers.

Just calling their names make us happy. Or even just remembering them always make us smile.

But of course dogs are the best pets to prank, too.

Playing tricks on our dogs

In the video below, we witnessed how smart and funny dogs are with this new trend on social media.

It has people call their dog’s name while they’re sitting right beside you.

Then, wait for their reaction.

The dogs featured in this video didn’t disappoint.


With 2.7 millions views, we already know this video has captured the hearts of many people online.

Meet Knox

Knox is a Doberman who is really confused by his owner.

The handsome boy is an internet sensation for his wit and funny reactions.

He’s with his owner, Savyy, who’s trying out this dog-calling trend.

When he does, Knox is like, “What dude? Come on, I’m right beside you. What’s wrong?”

They love to bond together and you’ll love their connection for sure.

They share funny moments together with another Doberman dog named Bear.

Next in the video is Riley

He’s also judging his owner by his look.

He seems like saying, “Are you serious? You are looking for me?”

Charlie is also hilariously confused.

He starts barking for Charlie also but then stops like, “wait, who’s Charlie? I’m Charlie, right?”

And here’s Bentley

He really can’t believe that his hooman is looking for him even though he’s just beside her.

“Huh? What’s going on, mom?”

How do dogs recognize their names?

According to The Dog People, dogs learn words through a combination of deductive reasoning and positive reinforcement.

But it’s still unclear whether the dogs can imagine themselves as a distinct entity with a name.

So if you want to train your dogs to know their name, you can check out these tips and tricks from The Dog People blog.

  • Start with quick exercise sessions that last only five minutes.
  • Bring your puppy close and restrain him with a leash to prevent him from escaping. Have a bag of snacks accessible.
  • Make eye contact, mention your dog’s name, and then respond with “Yes! And give treats.

Check out Knox and his friend’s response to their silly owners in the video below!

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