Circling hawks are searching for woman’s chihuahua in this terrifying encounter

The video begins with the camera pointed up at the sky, with the caption “I was letting my 3lb puppy play in the backyard…..” shown on-screen. Spooky music is playing in the background.

At first, we can’t see much up in the sky besides clouds. The scene is almost entirely gray, with clouds blocking out any blue skies that may be hiding behind them.

However, once your eye catches the movement, you’ll soon see what this TikToker is worried about. “The fact that these hawks are searching for Willie right now,” she says. The camera briefly pans down to her arms, where Willie, a tiny chihuahua, is being held.

“Look, they’re all coming,” she continues. “They all saw him.” It appears that Caroline Tusiuk (@carolinetusiuk) had let Willie out in the backyard to play for a bit before the incident.

She soon noticed the birds circling above and worried they might try to take Willie. This is a legitimate concern since Willie weighs a mere 3 lbs. A large hawk would likely be able to pick him up.

Caroline quickly grabbed Willie, taking him below the deck’s safety and out of eyesight from the birds. From there, she started filming. If the birds were actually hawks, this was definitely the right move.

However, viewers are debating whether or not the birds were hawks or whether they may actually be vultures. We couldn’t determine the species from the video, but the important thing is that Willie is safe. One thing is for sure, though: Mom will probably be keeping an eye on the skies from now on!

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