Her aging dog is no longer able to walk, but this compassionate woman has found the finest fix.

Dogs are fascinating creatures that fill our lives with love and joy with their jokes, so we can imagine that we will happily age with them. However, old age is not always easy for our furry friends and many times their physical strength declines, to the point of being unable to stand on all fours for long periods of time.

This is what happened to an adorable 11-year-old golden retriever named Maggie who couldn’t continue walking more than 50 meters and this prevented her from walking with her family, leaving her extremely sad and disappointed.

The dog’s human mother is a professor at the University of Maryland and can’t help but feel sad about the situation. In her youth, Maggie was a dog full of energy and enthusiasm; He loves to jump and run wherever he goes . Although his spirit is still adventurous, his body simply prevents him from enjoying life to the fullest.

Then the woman came up with a brilliant idea to hang out with her beloved Maggie: she bought a stroller big enough for the golden retriever to lie down comfortably and thus can take her everywhere . Thanks to this noble act, the dog felt energized and happy again, as she was able to go for a walk with her family again.



“My family and I have five golden retrievers and three of them are seniors that we rescue, including Maggie. She is 11 years old and has always had very weak legs, but in the last week she started having trouble going for walks: she can only go 50 meters before she begins to limp and finally sits up. Maggie loves walks and gets excited when I go for the leashes. I couldn’t walk with her again, so I decided to get a big car,” the woman said.

Fortunately, this beautiful dog has a loving family that would do anything to make her happy. Day by day, her owner gently leans her on her car to take her for a walk as she did during her youth, taking care of her not to hurt or bother her during the whole journey.

Without a doubt, all dogs deserve a dignified and loving old age. They have spent their whole lives beside us, making us smile and loving us unconditionally, so we have to give them back a little bit of what they gave us. Don’t break her heart and make her every day special and magical.

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Source :fancy4work.com