Dog makes the saddest face when his feelings are hurt

Moose is a Chocolate Labrador with the most expressive pout when feeling sad or wanting attention. His mom Melissa and his dad Brady don’t know how he learned to be so good at making faces.

Chocolate Labrador

Melissa recalls how Moose came into her life by pure coincidence. Her college friend’s family friend was giving away Labradors, and Melissa didn’t even think twice.

Ever since then, Moose has been a crazy and goofy presence in their home. He is obsessed with taking things that aren’t his, such as wallets and papers. Sometimes Moose will bring rocks and sticks into the house.

Chocolate Labrador

Moose doesn’t try to eat them. Instead, he will hold them in his mouth and gently slap their hands away if they try to take them. Melissa and Brady don’t know how he learned this either.

They are kept on their toes because of Moose’s intelligence and excellent observation skills. He loves people and will cuddle with anyone who is on the couch.

Chocolate Labrador

Moose can also tell if they’re having a bad day. Melissa remembers when she was feeling down, and Moose brought her a toy that he enjoyed playing with. He figured that it would cheer her up.

Melissa is obsessed with Moose and wants to do everything for him to have his best life. For her, Moose is the cutest Chocolate Labrador in the world. He is exceptional, and she hopes that he knows that.

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