Couple builds luxury house for their ‘cat colony’ and we’re seriously impressed(VIDEO).

Cats love to climb. Unfortunately for people with their own feline friends, this means that nearly anything on the table or a shelf is fair game! We’ve all had things knocked down or glassware that was broken when our kitties decided to explore.

Cat Colony House

Wouldn’t it be great if the cats had their own established space to crawl, climb, and explore without the risk of injuring themselves or breaking stuff? Well, @freedomfarmhouse has made a designated kitty home that might inspire you to make a similar space for your own cats.

The narration explains that when this couple moved into their new property, the place already had a cat colony living on it. Their solution was to build a cat house for the kitties to enjoy! Seemingly based on a larger shed, this spacious area is filled with plenty of feline-friendly playspaces.

Cat Colony House

The video gives us a quick tour: behind the blueish-gray door lies a large, wooden room. This room has plenty of natural lighting, thanks to the wrap-around windows. The floor is most uncovered, although there is one large rug placed in the middle.

On the left wall, we can see a bunch of little platforms, perfectly spaced to allow the cats to jump from platform to platform. A ramp leads to the loft above, and a few cat beds are along the wall.

Cat Colony House

The back of the room is mainly cat beds and kitty towers! The right side of the room has another ramp, which leads to more sleeping space above. There are 8 food bowls below, with an air conditioner to prevent the room from overheating.

There’s even more space for the cats to play upstairs, with the loft space and cord-covered beams providing hours of entertainment. We’re sure these kitties will quickly fall in love with this space they can call their own!

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