Senior Dog in Shelter for 7 Years Is Looking for a Pet Parent Who ‘Will Take the Time’ to Bond

Leroy the senior dog arrived at Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in Canada from an overcrowded shelter in Miami in 2015

Leroy is looking for a pet parent who is patient like him.

The 12-year-old dog moved into Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in Canada from an overcrowded shelter in Miami in 2015, Stephanie Munro, a dog handler with Dog Tales, told PEOPLE.

For the past seven years, Leroy has patiently waited at Dog Tales for a forever home.

“Leroy has some behavioral challenges that make it hard to find him an adopter. Leroy is touch sensitive and doesn’t enjoy belly rubs, hugs, or cuddles. He may become upset and try to bite if someone pushes his boundaries. He usually only enjoys head and neck scratches once he is comfortable with a person, which takes patience,” Munro shared.

“Leroy also resource guards food and some toys and will bite if disturbed while eating or if you take a toy out of his mouth. But Leroy has received some training, and both us and Leroy have gained skills on how to approach these situations for everyone to be happy and successful,” the dog’s handler added.

Senior dog waiting for home 7 years. Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

Despite these challenges, Dog Tales is confident the right loving home is out there for Leroy, who was living as a stray before entering the shelter system.

“Leroy is a laid-back old man. His walks are slower but filled with lots of sniffing. He enjoys the occasional game of fetch at his own pace. Food is his favorite thing, and he will do anything for a treat. He loves to give his paw with his large bear-like paws,” Munro said of the canine’s personality.

Leroy is likely willing to show his softer side to an adopter willing to work at the senior dog’s pace.

Dog Tales told PEOPLE that Leroy’s adopter should live in a home with no children or other pets.

“He requires a patient and non-overbearing adopter that would take the time to get to know Leroy and allow him the same courtesy. One who will also respect his boundaries and understand he can be a grumpy old man who doesn’t want to be squished and cuddled,” Munro said of Leroy’s future family.

Senior dog waiting for home 7 years. Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

Leroy’s ideal home would have few stairs since he is starting to struggle with stairs in his old age.

The canine’s senior status means he is looking for a quiet, comfortable place outside the shelter to enjoy his golden years.

“He just wants somewhere comfy and cool to nap and sleep, he wants his meals and daily treats, and like many old men, he needs a convenient place for frequent potty breaks. With these simple things, Leroy would be the happiest guy,” Munro shared.

“I would like people to understand that a dog shouldn’t always be judged by the environment they are in and the past that they faced and that a dog like Leroy deserves to be seen and deserves to live his remaining years comfortable and safe in a home,” she added on the pet’s behalf.

Those interested in learning more about adopting Leroy and Dog Tales’ life-saving work, visit the rescue’s website.


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