Beautiful British Shorthair cat-mom grooms her little babies (VIDEO)

Irina lived in Ukraine and loved to pet cats. She was really fond of them and had been involved in finding new families for the beautiful cats. She had been helping several parents find cats from various countries, such as the USA, Thailand, and Scotland.

British Shorthair cat

She was known for sharing several moments of her beautiful cats. The kind lady had several British Shorthair cats. Recently one of her pet cats, Anabel, gave birth to 4 beautiful golden kittens.

Three of them were males, and one was female. The mom had been resting for a while since she had delivered the babies a few days ago. All her kittens cuddled with her and tried to be warm.

British Shorthair cat

As soon as Irina came close to the little ones, the mother cat started to watch her owner with wide-open eyes. A few seconds later, the kittens began to purr as if they intended to say something to the lady.

Anabel kept looking at Irina while her little ones started to feed the new mom’s milk. She even started to groom one of her little ones close to her. The loving mom cat hugged her babies and made sure everyone was safe.

British Shorthair cat

The unique British Shorthair kittens had soft and smooth fur and slept calmly beside their mom. Anabel was very particular about who came close to her little ones and never, for once, stopped looking at Irina.

Her motherly instinct was too strong, and the loving ‘mum’ wanted to keep her kittens safe and healthy. Her huge eyes staring at Irina showed how much she cared about her babies.