Adorable Golden Retriever boards a plane with her stuffed animal

This short but sweet video begins on the passenger boarding bridge of an unknown flight. @ilovegolden_retrievers and her Golden Retriever, Emma, are walking down the bridge to take their spot on the plane.

Adorable Golden Retriever

Looking at the video, we can see that there’s not only one Golden Retriever: there are actually two! You see, Emma has a stuffed animal named Penny that she likes to take with her when she goes outside the house.

Naturally, Penny is a Golden Retriever as well. This makes for an ultra-cute scene (one that is quickly noticed by staff). As the trio makes their way down the passenger boarding bridge and into the plane, they start receiving compliments left and right.

Adorable Golden Retriever

From “that is so sweet” to “that has to be the cutest thing ever,” it’s obvious that the staff are utterly enamored with this adorable puppy powerhouse. However, Emma is a service dog.

This means that the staff must resist their urges to pet the Golden Retriever. All they can do is watch as the dogs—service and stuffed—go by to find their seat.

Adorable Golden Retriever

Being a service dog, Emma is exceptionally well-trained. She and her owner quickly find their spot on the plane and settle in for the trip. With Penny by her side, Emma seems completely content.

In the comments, @ilovegolden_retrievers goes on to clarify that Emma doesn’t “need” Penny, but she likes to have her anyway. Regardless, we’re glad they brought Penny along. It makes this cute video even more adorable!

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