It’s scary and cold here. Take me home, Dad – I’ll be a good kitty”(VIDEO).

Frost covered the ground, and a freezing kitten was found and taken indoors. She was alone and shivering while crying out for help. Thankfully she was found in time before anything terrible happened.

Cat rescue

The kitten was a black and white tuxedo cat. She had bright blue eyes and was very vocal, as most young kittens call out for their mothers.

Unfortunately, no mother was in sight, so the kitten was taken in on her own. Before getting settled, the rescuer gave the cat a much-needed bath.

Cat rescue

It wasn’t clear how long the kitten had been living outdoors, but she had probably been homeless since birth. Lots of dirt was cleaned from her fur after being rinsed.

The water was warm, and the kitten tried to escape while she was being washed with shampoo. She was small enough to fit in the man’s palms. It was a quick shower in the end.

Cat rescue

While resting on her rescuer’s lap, the kitten was dried with a tiny towel and a blow dryer. She was still feeling playful and energetic. The warmth of the home was a welcome feeling.

Finally, it was time to eat, and a plate full of wet food was presented to the starving kitten. There was too much for the kitten to eat, and she happily ate until she was full.