Cuteness overload: the heartwarming reunion of two Bernese Mountain Dog besties

Beautifully colored in a combination of black, white, and brown, we see Mack the Bernese Mountain Dog sitting in the back of a car. Like most dogs, he seems to be enjoying the ride.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Mack cocks his head when his owner asks him a question: “Mackey, we go see your best friend?” Mack doesn’t know it yet, but they’re on the way to a field to meet up with his puppy pal, Bow.

Mack hasn’t seen Bow in a while, so he’ll definitely be happy to see him. They soon arrive at the field, and we see Mack wander a few feet before sitting down. “Is he over here?” asks his owner.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Suddenly, we see another dog from across the field. “Booooow!”We can see Bow running across the area, galloping along as he goes to meet his friend. By this point, Mack has noticed his friend, so he runs over to Bow.

The two dogs dance in circles, tails wagging, before running and jumping around some more. They’re practically bursting with excitement, obviously overjoyed at seeing each other again after such a long time.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

However, the reunion doesn’t end there: the dogs separate and go to greet their friend’s owners. The video ends as Bow is shown running up to @macktheberner, while Mack is shown sprinting over to Bow’s owner across the field.

This video is worth the watch, as it shows how strong the bond of friendship is. Not only were the dogs happy to see each other, but they didn’t forget to give their “other mothers” a proper greeting. We’re sure they had a fantastic, long-overdue playdate together: so cute!

@mackthebernerBest friends in the whole wide world, two 🐶 🐶

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