Dad secretly records future vet and his patient

Kids and dogs are often the cutest living creatures on the planet. There are bound to be some adorable moments when you get them together.

In this video posted on the ”Aww” Subreddit, you can see how well they get along. A boy plays with a dog but not in a way you’d expect. There’sThere’s no fetching or tug of war going on in this video.

The boy is using a doctor playset on the dog, a Doberman. The kid starts by testing the reflexes. He gently uses a plastic mallet to test the dog’s knees.


The Doberman doesn’t seem bothered by this at all. The dog sits there patiently. He lets this little future doctor do his work.

For the next test, the kid performs a blood-pressure test. He takes out his blood-pressure toy and wraps it around the dog’s paw. The dog is patient as the kid continues his examination.

What’sWhat’s remarkable about this footage is how calm the dog is through all of this. Most dogs would probably be frightened of going to the veterinarian’s office. This dog doesn’t seem to mind.

While this is only a pretend examination, it’s still a cute moment. The kid knows how to keep this dog calm. If he can convince this dog to lend a paw for a blood-pressure check, this kid probably gets the dog to do anything.

The video was filmed at a distance to avoid disturbing this play. The boy seems quiet as he performs his exam.

After finishing the blood pressure test, the kid puts the toy away. The dog gently puts its paw down, staying by the boy’s side.

You’veYou’ve probably witnessed dogs and kids playing similar sorts of games. You’veYou’ve also probably seen just how many of these games go awry. Kids can get impatient, and dogs are often unwilling to sit still during play.

The quiet nature is what makes this video so sweet. You can feel the calmness between the boy and his dog. They’reThey’re both remaining loyal to each other.

Kids can grow up to be anything. This boy may grow up to be a vet. He certainly has the skills to keep this dog a docile patient.