Ship Of Odysseus : Oldest And Most Intact Wreck Found In The 2400 Year Old World

Bulgaria, more than a mile below the surface of the Black Sea, a team of archaeologists, scientists and marine surveyors discovered a 75-foot-long Greek merchant vessel carbon dated over 2,400 years ago. They claim to have found the wreckage in oxygen-free conditions which preserved its components.

Its design was only seen from the side of ancient Greek pottery. A small piece of the ship has been tested and confirmed to originate from 400 BC, making it the oldest intact shipwreck known to mankind. A remote-controlled submarine spotted the ship lying on its side about 50 miles off the Bulgarian coast. If the water is oxygen-free, it can retain organic matter for thousands of years.

“An intact surviving ship from the classical world, lying in over 2 km of water, is something I never thought possible” said Professor Jon Adams, principal investigator of the Maritime Archeology of the Sea Project. Black (MAP) at the Guardian..

The vessel has only been seen from the side of ancient Greek pottery as the British Museum “Siren vase”. The similarity between this vase and the ship of Ulysses arouses speculation and on its proximity to reality.

The drawing of the vase shows a ship with a mast identical to the one now found on the seabed. The vase shows Ulysses tied to the mast of a similar ship as he resisted the siren calls.

The team reportedly said they left the ship where it was found, but added that a small piece had been carbon dated by the University of Southampton and claimed the results ‘confirmed it as the oldest intact wreck known to mankind, ”said the warden.

Professor Adams said in an interview that the vessel, both sailing and rowing, likely sank in a storm. The crew, they were probably 15 to 25 men at the time, whose remains could be hidden in the surrounding sediment or eaten by bacteria according to the archaeologist.