Fans save falling cat’s life by catching it with American flag at football game

Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, and people around the country displayed American flags in remembrance.

But one flag displayed at a baseball game was more than a patriotic symbol — it was a life-saver, after fans used it to catch a falling cat.

Fans who attended Saturday’s NCAA football game between the Miami Hurricanes and the Appalachian State Mountaineers witnessed a real nail-biter that didn’t involve sports at all: a cat fell from a ledge, and was clinging to a banner, afraid of falling a whole level below.


Thankfully, they made the catch — and the fans let out a cheer louder than they’d give for a touchdown.

According to the Miami Herald, the fan who made the lucky catch was Craig Cromer, a facilities manager at the University of Miami.



A season ticket holder, Craig attends games with his wife Kimberly, and always bring an American flag to hang over the railing. Thankfully, they had it with them at Saturday’s home opener.

The couple stood with their American flag for 2-3 minutes waiting for the cat to fall, according to the Miami Herald, a nerve-racking moment: “It seemed like it took forever,” Craig recalled.

Kimberly called the life-saving moment “probably the strangest thing that’s happened at a game,” and most fans in attendance would probably agree.


It isn’t clear where the cat came from, nor is there currently any information about where it is now.

But the cat did safely survive the fall. Hard Rock Stadium released a statement saying he “landed safely,” and thanked the fans who saved him. They also made a donation to Humane Society Miami.

“We wish the cat the best in his remaining eight lives,” they wrote.


What a moment! We’re so glad this poor cat is safe thanks to that perfect catch!

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