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Rib Eye, every now and then known as Scottish Tenderloin or Rib Eye, is one of the maximum famous steaks withinside the world. It comes from the Longissimus Dorsi muscle, which runs alongside the spine and does now no longer enlarge excessively, giving it a pleasing and fluffy texture. This offers an additional creamy taste and a pleasing moisturizing texture.
All you want is some easy seasonings to make the quality dry peeled recipe to supplement the extraordinary flavors in chicken or steak, and flavor like Texas Roadhouse!
*  Ingredients :
°  2 teaspoons coarse kosher salt, *see notes
 ° 2 teaspoons brown sugar
 ° 1/four teaspoon cornstarch
 ° 1/four teaspoon garlic powder
°  1/four teaspoon garlic salt
° 1/four teaspoon onion powder
° 1/four teaspoon turmeric
°  half of teaspoon paprika
°  half of teaspoon chili powder
°  1 teaspoon black pepper
* instructions :
Combine all components in a quart Ziploc bag and seal it tightly. Shake to completely blend all components.
Cover every aspect of the steak generously with the seasoning and permit it relaxation for forty minutes. This lets in the salt to penetrate throughout the surface (thru osmosis) and in fact facilitates break down the muscle fibers, ensuing in gentle meat. During this time, the liquid that to start with seemed has time to reabsorb, making the beef juicy.
Once the grill is warm and warm, location the steak(s) in and prepare dinner dinner for four-five minutes, till brown and barely charred. Flip it over and cook the subsequent extra time
Enjooy !