This recipe is one of thousands of brief and smooth recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and to make this easy egg recipe you may need :
° 15 boiled eggs
° 1 cup bitter cream
° half cup mayonnaise
° 2/three teaspoon black pepper
° half cup sharp cheddar cheese
° 1 teaspoon lemon juice
° 2 tablespoons sparkling chives or green onions (green onions)
° 1/three cup shredded cooked bacon
* How do you’re making rotten eggs?
Cut the boiled eggs in 1/2 of lengthwise, getting rid of the yolks with a ladle and sticking with a fork.Add sour cream/mayonnaise/lemon juice and black pepper [stir well].
Chop egg whites and add bacon, cheese, and chives [BLENDwell again].
1 full teaspoon of the yolk mixture.
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Enjoy !