Apple Butter


Initially I shared this recipe for Slow Cooker Apple Butter again in October 2013 once I had a younger child. Every fall, many super apples develop on our apple trees.
Fast forward seven years later, we have got moved to an entire new area with out a ripe apple timber and we’ve got three kids. Oh, how time passes, we need to replace in order that new readers will find out that it became out to be a very good thing.
* ingredients :
° 18 apple (or enough to progressively fill 6-quart saucepan)
° 1 ½ tablespoons vanilla
° 2 teaspoons cinnamon
° 1 1/2 of cup of sugar
° 2 / 3 cups brown sugar
* Directions :
Peel and middle the apple and reduce it into slices.
Put the apple slices into the gradual saucepan with the vanilla.
Cook for 8 hours on low warmness.
Mash the apple. Add cinnamon and sugars.
Cook on low warmness for 6 hours.
Blend in blender till smooth.
Enjoy !