*NCIS 2021:NCIS Fans, get ready for another heartbreak! *

NCIS Fans, get ready for another heartbreak! Season 18 is to deliver another emotional punch!

Alert! It contains spoilers!
We started season 18 with serious emotional punches, and from the looks of it, things will only get harder and sadder! First, we had to experience the emotional rollercoaster of Jack Sloane’s exit in an episode that truly left us crying. Seeing Gibbs say goodbye to Sloane, with whom, we all honestly hoped he will end up together and get his happy ending, was heartbreaking, to say the least.
The eighth episode already left us with emotional baggage, and while fans are still processing Sloane’s exit, the NCIS ‘Gods’ showed no mercy, announcing another departure in their newest teasers that shows that NCIS is not done playing with fan’s emotions!

The very brief description that we got, teases another possible heartbreak; it stated: “NCIS dives into the competitive world of food trucks after finding a man frozen to death in the back of one”, which on its own doesn’t reveal much, but the teaser trailer that followed, hinted that Fornell might be in trouble.
With the ‘fair warning’ given to us with the sentence “Buckle up kids, we got a body,” we were warned to ‘buckle up’ and get ready for another mission, and while Torres seemed eager to jump on the ‘catch the bad guys train’, other members, like Kasie and Palmer appeared to still be recovering and mourning their losses. Despite his own pain and suffering from the loss of his wife, it appears that Palmer still had it within him to console Kasie who was dealing with her own trauma, saying to her: “Without the worst of times, we wouldn’t have anything that makes us appreciate the best of times.”

But while this moment feels heartwarming, no one can ignore the devastating face of Fornell in the background, and the focus actually turns to him in the next scene as he and Gibbs are shown in a waiting room, a scene all-too-familiar to NCIS fans. In split-second shots, we suddenly move to another possible heartbreak that might be waiting for us, which is Fornell breaking down in pain and what appears to be a state of anguish, holding his head with his hands! A few seconds later, he and Gibbs are outside the trauma center and the face of Fornell and his reaction from previous scenes seem devastating to say the least. Was he dealt another bad hand? Did he lose someone? Did he just hear some bad news? We are left only to speculate!

Photo Credit: NCIS – Promo video

Fans were quick to jump to theories and connect the dots, and from their previous experience, they couldn’t help but relate this chain of events and the image of him and Gibbs in trauma center with a previous one, from season 16 where Fornell was similarly devastated when his daughter Emily ended up on life support due to overdose.
Now fans are running theories as to whether she has anything to do with it, did she had another overdose or is someone else close to Fornell in trouble? Well, whatever it may be, it sure will be heartbreaking if the trailer is any indication, so buckle up fans, we are in for another emotional rollercoaster!