*Goodbye Agent McGee? ‘NCIS’ Sparks Rumors That Sean Murray Might Be Leaving The Show*

Bye, bye Agent McGee? Should we start preparing to say goodbye to another NCIS veteran?

Will NCIS fans be facing another heartbreak in the future? The rumors that Sean Murray who plays Timothy McGee might be leaving really shook the boat for many fans. Are we losing another NCIS veteran who charmingly won our hearts with his wit and humor?

Photo Credit: Agent McGee-Wikipedia
The role of Agent McGee is one we would call balanced, because, on one hand, he was the computer genius, the smart, quirky nerdy boy with many nicknames from McNerd, to McJagger, McGoogle with an astonishing amount of computer knowledge that we admired; on the other hand, his witty remarks, sometimes borderline sarcastic comments really made any fan burst in unexpected laugh. He just won the hearts of all fans without them even knowing! And Sean Murray admits that playing the role feels like that and it never stopped being both challenging and exciting.

But, should we prepare our tissues? Are we about to say goodbye to another beloved NCIS character?
The rumor was actually started from a plot of NCIS episode that turned the alarm on for NCIS fans. Honestly, can we blame them? I mean, NCIS fandom has had more breakups and farewells than any show, so it is not surprising that fans are a bit jumpy. Here is what happened (spoiler alert!):

Agent McGee ever so bravely got shot in a shocking premiere of NCIS Season 18, specifically episodes 4 “SunBurn” and 5, “Head of the snake”. Fans were on their toes, wondering what does this mean for his character? We already got scared of losing McGee previously in season 16 when the rumors started, and fans were already cooking theories around Sean Murray’s weight loss, growing concerns about his health, so things seemed to add up!
But guys, it is just another false alarm! No, our eyes did not deceive us, Gibbs did shot McGee, but as the later episode reveals, it was to save his life; and in his interview with TV Insider, Murray reveals that ““We’ll see the aftermath of that shooting,” promising, “[McGee] doesn’t die.””. From the looks of it, as TV Insider reports, “there’s a rough road to recovery ahead.” And this seems to be the attitude of Murray as well who continued by telling them: “A lot of it is not necessarily just physical but emotional… Just wrestling with and coming to terms with — even in the situation of it being done to save your life — the fact that somebody so close to you, that’s like a father figure to you, more so than even your real father was, shoots you.” From the looks of it, McGee is not going anywhere guys, but his relationship with Gibbs will need some serious reparations! So, buckle up for the emotional rollercoaster that we will witness in season 18!