NCIS LA season 12: Callen refuses Sam’s help in search for Anna in explosive first-look

In the latest episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, Callen’s (played by Chris O’Donnell) world continued to be turned upside down as other half Anna (Bar Paly) found herself at the centre of danger once more. CBS viewers last saw Anna using herself as a pawn to retrieve Callen’s ex Joelle (Elizabeth Bogush) from the clutches of the wicked Katya (Eve Harlow) and as a result, landed herself in the arms of a Russian gang with ties to her upbringing in Europe. Now, heading into episode 14, The Noble Maidens, Callen’s quest to bring Anna home will seem him at loggerheads with pal Sam Hanna (LL Cool J).

“Hey,” Sam says as he approaches Callen’s vehicle but his pal is in no mood for pleasantries.

“Anything?” Callen barks back, desperate for any news on Anna’s whereabouts and safety.

“Not yet,” a deflated Sam replies, prompting Callen to call on his colleague to take a more unorthodox approach to the search.

“Look,” Callen begins. “I need you to use your street covers.”


NCIS LA: Will Anna be saved? (Image: GETTY/CBS)

Clearly overcome with passion, Callen continues: “A quarter of a million dollars, no questions asked if anyone can tell me where Katya is.”

Trying to remain level-headed, Sam attempts to calm Callen and think rationally about their next steps in rescuing Anna.

“Where you gonna find a quarter of a million dollars in cash?” Sam asks but Callen is far from receptive.

“Let me worry about that,” he snaps back. “Just put the word out. I want every cartel member, gang banger, petty criminal in this city looking for her.”

Sam tries again to try and calm Callen down: “I wanna find Anna too,

“But we’ve got to be smart about this,” Sam says, resulting in an angry Callen lashing out: “Is that your way of saying you’re not gonna help?”

“Of course, I’m gonna help you,” Sam replies. “But we need to regroup.

“We’re not gonna find Anna like this,” he insists but it’s clear Callen is nowhere near on the same page as him.

Making a hasty exit, Callen brushes Sam’s idea off, saying: “You’re probably right, see you back at Ops.”

However, it’s clear that’s the last place Callen is heading as he speeds away from Sam, clearly annoyed his buddy is unwilling to get on board with his plan.

But with Callen seemingly cutting ties with Sam and presumably the rest of the team in the search for Anna, will it spell trouble for the NCIS: LA stalwart?

Is Callen about to go headfirst into a dangerous and life-threatening situation without his team by his side? Or will Sam eventually be by his side?

NCIS: LA season 12 continues Sunday on CBS in the USA.