When will the NCIS Season 18 finale air?


With the television season quickly coming to a close, CBS has released the finale dates for many of their popular programming. This also includes the NCIS Season 18 finale.

Since the start of the season, due to the pandemic, there have been a shorter amount of episodes slated to air. This also meant that frequent breaks have resulted over the course NCIS’s run. However, with new episodes returning on April 6, it looks like fans won’t have to wait too long between episodes to find out what is happening with the characters.

When we last saw the characters, they were reeling from an unexpected action from Gibbs, resulting in his suspension. This means that for an indefinite period, McGee, Torres, and Bishop are on their own.

In the meantime, Gibbs will have what appears to be a run-in with an investigative journalist, played by Pam Dawber. She is the real-life wife of actor Mark Harmon and is set to appear in multiple episodes. No word has been given yet on the fate of Season 19 of the series. It looks like there is a chance we will get a Season 19 but time will tell when they make it official!

CBS unveiled the NCIS Season 18 finale date alongside other shows

So when will the NCIS Season 18 finale air? Right now, the finale is scheduled to air on Tuesday, May 25.

For now, no information has been given regarding the synopsis of the NCIS Season 18 finale. When the show returns in April, hopefully, we will have an idea of what will go on with the characters. This includes ones like Fornell and Jimmy, who had their worlds rocked by personal loss. Not only that, but we will also meet a new character named Jessica Knight, who is a REACT agent played by Arrow actress Katrina Law, according to TVLine.

Plus, there is still the question of what is going on with Torres and Bishop. Will there be an answer at the end of the season? What about Gibbs’ job? There are plenty of plots to work with for the rest of the season and we look forward to finding out what will transpire.

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NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.