Mark Harmon’s Exit From ‘NCIS’ Looks More Likely Than Ever With Latest Development

Mark Harmon wears a dark blue suit and stands in front of a red umbrella
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Could the latest twist on NCIS be setting up Mark Harmon’s exit from the popular cop drama? Rumors that Harmon is ready to leave the show have been gaining traction over the last few months and with Harmon’s character suspended from the force, it seems like showrunners are building up to make way for the longtime star’s exit from the series.

Could This Be The Last Of Mark Harmon On ‘NCIS’?

Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Mark Harmon’s NCIS character, was suspended during the episode “Watchdog” after Director Vance took issue with his attitude over a recent case. Fans of the show are now left wondering if Gibbs will find his way back to the team or if season 18 will be his last.

We know that we’ll see Harmon back on the show later this season, since it has been confirmed that his real life wife, Pam Dawber, will be appearing alongside him in episodes slated to appear in April. At least he’ll be back on our TV screens soon, though that doesn’t mean he’ll be around to stay.

Still, the big question is whether Mark Harmon will be returning for season 19 of NCIS, or if there will even be another season. The show still has not been renewed for the 2021-2022 season, leaving fans in limbo about the fate of the popular CBS series. Harmon’s contract is up after this season, which has cast further doubt that the series will continue. Nothing is set in stone quite yet, so there’s always hope for fans who want to see Harmon continue on in his iconic role.