NCIS’s latest episode airs major Gibbs twist

NCIS season 18 spoilers follow.

NCIS’ Leroy Gibbs found himself in trouble with his superiors in season 18’s mid-season finale, titled ‘Watchdog’, and fans have been left wondering what that could mean for the character going forward.

The most recent instalment, which aired on CBS in the US on Tuesday, March 16, saw Gibbs (Mark Harmon) get suspended, having beaten a man he suspected of running an illegal dog-fighting ring before the team could even bring him in for questioning.

Gibbs attacked the alleged perp after he and his team inquired about a wounded pitbull they had found while looking into an unrelated roadside accident.

ncis   gibbs mark harmon

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Turns out, the pooch had been shot and belonged to an elderly lady, who informed them that she often spots a guy parking his trailer by her pond.

Later, Gibbs, McGee, Bishop and Torres discovered that the man’s submerged “fishing equipment” was actually several drowned dogs and when the former spotted him, he knocked him to the ground and started to choke him.

While it is later revealed that the gang were right in their suspicions – thanks to a bloodstain being caught on the man, Nick Stana, from McGee’s body-cam prior to Gibbs’ assault and linked back to the first pitbull they came across – Inspector General Coyle was still furious with the special agent’s violent outburst and made him turn in his gun and badge.

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NCIS will return to CBS on April 6 for the next new installant of season 18’s 16 total episodes, though it’s not yet clear if the series will be back for season 19 and how much involvement Harmon will have if it does.

The Hollywood Reporter claimed that Harmon could potentially have a lesser role if the show gets renewed. The actor’s contract is said to be up this season, and it’s rumoured he may only appear in “a handful of episodes” afterwards.

NCIS airs on CBS in the US, and on FOX UK in the UK.