Finally explained why beloved character leaves NCIS

NCIS has had striking characters over 18 seasons. As is typical in series, names end up leaving the cast.

One of the most loved in the series was Sasha Alexander. During the first two seasons, the actress played Caitlin Todd and became a favorite character among viewers.

However, only at the end of the second season, the famous left NCIS. For all the fans, it was a big and sad surprise.

To this day, NCIS fans miss the character of Sasha Alexander. What is not much commented on is the reason for the NCIS actress’s departure.

Many fans don’t know what happened. However, to the Chicago Tribune, NCIS co-creator Donald P. Bellisario commented on what caused Caitlin Todd to disappear on the beloved show.



The exit of the NCIS actress
Sasha Alexander saw the character being killed in NCIS. What happens is that it was a joint decision between the actress and the creators.

The original idea was to have Caitlin longer. To the newspaper, the co-creator of the series guarantees that the actress asked to leave the drama.

“Every time you kill a character that fans come to love, it’s a ripple effect. I had already written the final chapter and was ready to go on vacation. Sasha came two days before I left and with tears in her eyes she said to me, ‘I can’t work at that level’, ”commented the co-creator.

Apparently, at the time, NCIS was not the right series choice for Sasha Alexander’s profile. The series also demands great physical effort, as explained by Bellisario.

Even so, the character and the actress are always remembered fondly by the fans.