NCIS season 18: the shootout between two central characters finally explained

The first episode of season 18 had been a good talking point, as a few shots rang out between two of the main characters.

In 2019, Ziva(Cote de Pablo) had marked season 17 of NCIS by winningfrom the dead after three seasons of absence to restore the truth about his person and his destiny. For the current season, the series has decidedto c hang a cabbage its way of telling the stories, starting its story in the past to catch up after a few episodes the present time.

As agreed, the first episodes are expected to return to October and November 2019, to follow an ancillary investigation by Gibbs(Mark Harmon)involving, among other things, drug trafficking. But not that, since in fact, the bulk of the interest of this episode lies somewhere else, in the dangerous detonation that resonated between Gibbs and McGee.

WARNING, we SPOILE in the rest of the article.


photo, Mark HarmonThe spoil at the end of the line


The noise in question was the one that filled the runway while Jethro Gibbs was shooting shamelessly or regretfully (presumably) at McGee, while McGee was doing everything to stop a private jet rolling on the runway during the episode broadcast last fall. Well, after 18 seasons, the public should not be fooled so easily, because NCIS has already shown a good bunch of times that turnarounds, that was his thing.

It remains to be seen in the upcoming episodes, from what Sean Murray (McGee) said on the TV Linemicrophone, whether it’s just a cable work of the agent, or if he’s trying to cover or even save his skin and that of his agent by doing that.


photo, Mark Harmon, Sean MurrayPetit U-turn-face in preparation.


“We’ve seen a small part of this sequence, and then we’re going to be able to find out what happened. That’s pretty cool. We’re going to talk about why Gibbs shot McGee, and it’s going to be a pretty heavy topic. »

Verdict therefore in this second episode, broadcast Tuesday, January 19 in the United States, episode that should return to the present and thus begin to address the issues of pandemic.