Mark Harmon height: How tall is NCIS Agent Gibbs star Mark Harmon?

MARK HARMON will be back when NCIS returns to CBS but how tall is the Agent Gibbs actor?
Mark Harmon has been part of the NCIS family since the drama began in 2003. Playing Agent Leroy Gibbs, Harmon has led the team through thousands of investigations and will continue to do so in series 18. NCIS returned for the latest season at the end of November but has been taking a break for the winter period.
In the latest season of NCIS, Gibbs helped friend Tobias Fornell (played by Joe Spano) find the head of a drug ring, who had been supplying his daughter Emily Fornell (Juliette Angelo).

The flashback episode told of what happened during a series 17 instalment when Gibbs went missing.

On his return, the veteran agent was seen with a black eye which wasn’t explained at the time.

Series 18 did delve into what happened, showing how Gibbs got into a fight while finding the dangerous head drug dealer.

How tall is NCIS star Mark Harmon?

Harmon may be one of the oldest on set at 69 but he is also one of the tallest.

The NCIS star is 6ft tall which is equivalent to 1.83m, according to Celeb Heights.

This has surely helped the actor in his role, giving off a more commanding presence, despite his age.

In comparison, NCIS director Leon Vance played by Rocky Carroll is 5ft 10in, while Donald “Ducky” McCallum is 5ft 7in.

Harmon is also taller than NCIS’ latest athletic agent Wilmer Valderrama who plays Nick Torres.

Valderrama stands at just 5ft 7in so Harmon is a few inches taller than his co-star.

But one current star who the NCIS legend isn’t as tall as is Sean Murray who plays Agent Timothy McGee.

The actor is 6ft 1in which is the same height as their former co-star Michael Weatherly who played Agent Tony Dinozzo.
There isn’t too much longer to wait until NCIS continues its 18th season.

The hiatus will be finished next week as CBS airs a double bill on Tuesday, January 19.

The next two instalments will be shown back to back so fans can enjoy a night dedicated to the long-running crime drama.

From the descriptions, episodes four and five of series 18 are going to be memorable ones.
Episode four is called Sunburn which will follow McGee and his wife Delilah (Margo Cathleen Harshman) on holiday to the Bahamas.

The synopsis reads: “McGee and his wife Delilah’s Bahamian vacation turns into a high-stakes mission when a case NCIS is tracking of a dead escape room manager has ties to the island.

“Also, Gibbs fears the worst when his search for Fornell leads to blood.”

While episode five, Head of the Snake, will see the return of Fornell.

The description says: “Gibbs and Fornell’s crusade to find the head of the drug ring responsible for Fornell’s daughter Emily’s overdose comes to a climax. “Also, Gibbs and Vance finally let the team in on a case that has dangerous implications.”

NCIS is available to watch on CBS.