Will NCIS be renewed for Season 19 by CBS?

Will CBS renew or cancel NCIS Season 19?

As we wrap up the year, we start to look at the futures of our favorite TV shows. Today, it’s all about the chances of NCIS Season 19 happening.

Usually, we’ve had more episodes than this by now, but the pandemic delayed the seasons and then caused some problems for remaining consistent week after week. However, we do have a little data to work with.

While CBS will consider a lot more than the live TV ratings, the ratings will play a huge part in a renewal or cancellation decision. Sure, broadcast networks need to move on from just the live TV ratings, but old habits die hard.

So, what are the chances of NCIS Season 19 happen? We say very good.

NCIS Season 19 is a sure thing

Something drastic will have to happen for CBS to get rid of its No. 1 scripted series. In fact, the only thing likely to see the show come off the air is if Mark Harmon is done with it. We’ve lost a lot of original characters over the years, but there is no show without Gibbs. It is as simple as that.

The show remains the top-rated drama on the network. In fact, only 60 Minutes beats NCIS out of all the shows that air on the network, and that does have the benefit of airing straight after the football on a Sunday night. It also had some Presidential specials, which pulled in some excellent views.

There’s no reason for CBS to bring an end to the cop drama. So unless something drastic happens in 2021, we’re likely to see NCIS Season 19 happen.

We won’t find out until 2021, though. The renewal for this show usually happens around April or May, so expect similar timing for 2021.