NCIS: 21 Striking Filming Secrets Every True Fan Wants To Know |

NCIS behind the scenes secrets are even more intriguing than the series itself! Why Mark Harmon wasn’t the first choice for Gibbs and what made the showrunners change their minds? Whose family members played significant roles on the show? What secrets were hidden on thе Most Wanted board? And which celebrities appeared on NCIS before they became famous?

On the set of NCIS there’s a whole lot of surprising relative connections. Sean Murray, who portrays Timothy McGee, is a stepson to the show’s creator, Don Bellisario. You might be convinced that Cote de Pablo is Israeli, like her character Ziva. Michael Weatherly’s own family history is very similar to DiNozzo’s: their fathers cut them both off from the inheritance.

Mark Harmon is good at portraying the fearless NCIS agent – and he’s a hero in real life too! And the actress behind the forensic specialist Abby established the Pauley Perrette Scholarship. By the way, you have to remember Abby’s caffeinated energy drink addiction. In turns out, in real life Perrette drank Hawaiian Punch from those Caf-Pow cups. Watch this video to get to know all the rest of the awesome behind-the-scenes details about NCIS tv series!

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