‘NCIS’ Season 18 Premiere: Where does Bishop and Torres’s relationship stand? Fans say ‘writers aren’t ready’

                            'NCIS' Season 18  Premiere: Where does Bishop and Torres's relationship stand? Fans say 'writers aren’t ready'(CBS)


Spoilers for Season 18 Episode 1

Amid the cloud of gloom about to be sprung on fans through Maria Bello’s exit in the middle of Season 18, the only thing that NCIS viewers have been clinging on to is the idea of an Eleanor Bishop and Nick Torres romance that has been teased since the beginning of Season 17. Their palpable chemistry should deserve the honor of evolving into a relationship, especially after the emotions that each was washed over with when Torres got injured at the job at the end of Season 17. But all that the Season 18 premiere gave us was some extra chaotic energy, that although convinced us further of the two’s relationship having potential, made fans claim the writers aren’t ready for it.



In what has been labeled as major ‘chaotic energy’, Season 18 premiere of NCIS sees Bishop and Tores try to help but things backfire ultimately. When Gibbs’ old-time friend Fornell returns with fear surrounding his junkie daughter Emily’s safety, the two embark on a mission to bust the mastermind ring that runs the game. In due process, Bishop and Torress are sent to dig out the fatal RV of a marine corp called Richard Darby, and the two end up coming across a pair of really nosy, loud neighbors who love screaming.



The next step of the case is Gibbs tailing a kidnapper who has taken Agent Tyler’s daughter hostage. Agent Tyler was a colleague of Darby’s who is involved in the ring and the kidnapper wants Darby’s right hand delivered by a deadline. Gibbs’ staged work of art ultimately spooks the kidnapper and thus ensues a foot chase that ends with Torres accidentally pushing the suspect right under a speeding truck. Their case doesn’t end with much luck, but that’s not what fans care about. It was the few minutes of Bishop and Torres working on the case together with the neighbors, just being equally chaotic and raising hell that seems to have them convinced that this ship needs to happen.



Taking it to Twitter, a fan wrote: “Torres and bishop needs to happen this season. But the writers aren’t ready for that discussion.” Another one said how “Bishop and torres being the chaotic duo. i expect nothing less.” Remarks like “Thinking will next season be the one where they pull the trigger of Torres and Bishop getting together,” also made the rounds, as fans pleaded with the show to make this very much canon, writing: “I’m re-binge watching #ncis and it made me fall in love with Torres and Bishop all over again , you really need to get those to together they are end gameee.” Are they? Will they? Won’t they? Keep your fingers crossed!










‘NCIS’ Season 18 premiered on November 17 and will air every Tuesday at 8 pm only on CBS.