NCIS Season 18: Sean Harmon will return as Young Gibbs in Episode 400

Sean Harmon will return as Young Gibbs on NCIS Season 18, Episode 2

Casting for NCIS Episode 400 is happening right now, getting ready for the episode to film in a couple of weeks. One role we know is needed is Young Gibbs, and it turns out NCIS Season 18 is getting Sean Harmon back.

Sean is Mark Harmon’s son, so it makes a lot of sense to cast him as the role of a young Leroy Jethro Gibbs. This isn’t the first time he’s stepped into the role, making his acting debut in the role back in 2008. He’s played the role six times including then, and now he’s back for more.
TVInsider shared the big reveal, reminding viewers that the last time the actor was in the role was for another milestone episode. We got flashbacks of Gibbs during the 200th episode.
What to expect in NCIS Episode 400

The 400th episode will be the second episode of NCIS Season 18. It’s also going to be the second episode filmed, and the crew is getting ready for it right now.

All we know so far is that the episode will involve flashbacks of Gibbs and Ducky. We’ll see how Gibbs became a part of NCIS, meeting our favorite (no offense to Palmer!) medical examiner.

This is going to be a “love letter to the longtime fans,” according to executive producer Frank Cardea, and flashbacks of how the two characters met is just the way to do it. We know Gibbs and Ducky now, but what was their relationship like when things got started? How did they become the close friends they are today? After all, Ducky wasn’t someone Gibbs handpicked like all the rest.