Tom Needs Our Prayers As His Health Is Failing Him

Rumors are abounding that Tom Selleck’s health is becoming a problem, to the point that the show may be cancelled before
its 7th season.

Thomas William Selleck (born January 29, 1945) is an
American actor and film producer.

He is known for starring as private
investigator Thomas Magnum in the television series Magnum,
Reports from friends and colleagues of Tom Selleck say that the former
action star is tortured daily while on the set of his hit TV show “Blue

by his chronic rheumatoid arthritis. “Tom’s days as the
car-jumping-scuba-diving-action star are a thing of the past,” one of
his costars said.
“He hates that his arthritis slows him down. Like most stars, there’s a
stunt double for dangerous action shots, but Tom even uses the guy for
simple scenes,

like getting in and out of his police car. His arthritis bothers him
more some days than others. But Tom’s an old-school, true professional,
so he never
com­plains about the pain.”

Now, some in Tom’s family fear that the treatment that the actor is
taking for arthritis, which likely involves steroid-like drugs, is
causing him to
slowly go blind.

According to, Uveitis can be caused by arthritis. The
condition causes inflammation in the middle layer of the eye. It is most
in those aged 20 to 59.
Tom’s friends say he is a tough guy, so he never complains. Still–this is a dreadful disease, and he needs your prayers.

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