‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Are Deeks and Kensi leaving in Season 12? Here are all the couples returning

                            'NCIS: Los Angeles': Are Deeks and Kensi leaving in Season 12? Here are all the couples returning(CBS)


Right at the end of Season 11 of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’, Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and Kensi (Daniela Ruah) were met with disappointment when it turned out, Kensi’s pregnancy scare was just a false alarm. Hints were dropped that maybe Kensi did want to have a baby; the two were actively trying for it but nature took its course and the couple was left with a letdown. Following that, viewers were led to believe that maybe Deeks and Kensi are taking time off of their jobs to focus on building a family. Dreams of little Densi toddlers playing around inside a white picket fence were inevitable, but the hints were also received with bittersweet emotions, as we would miss the Densi bickering and back and forth wit too much should they leave. Perhaps that’s why show boss and executive producer R. Scott Gemmill busted the speculations to answer that burning question.



“He has to take a time-out,” Gemmill has reportedly said about Deeks’ journey in the upcoming season. That’s reason enough to keep him off the game, so maybe there won’t be a lot of Deeks action. As for Kensi, she too faces danger from a past case – a danger that’s sprawled across throughout the season, apparently. It’s definitely not the end of Deeks and Kensi’s arc on the show, but enough to keep them just in cameos for Season 12, right?



That’s enough of a loss in itself. A single episode without the couple gets too much to bear at times. So to make up for all that lost action from the royal couple of NCIS: LA, there are a few interesting characters returning – think someone who had left just this last Season 11! Here’s an update on all the NCIS: LA couples returning in Season 11.

Nell and Eric




That’s right, the adorable Nell (Renee Felice Smith) is about to make her return after leaving right around the end of Season 11 of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’. Nell had left because she needed time away from the job after the stress of having her boyfriend Eric (Barrett Foa) be on an undercover mission for the most part of the season was too much for her. She wanted to quit permanently, but NCIS boss Hetty asked her to take a break instead. The break proved to be extra painful for Eric, with Deeks having to cheer him up, babysitting him on his off days as an injured agent, so Nell’s return couldn’t get any happier. The intelligence analyst will be stepping in the place of her boss Hetty, who, according to Gemmill, is taking off on “a bit of a misadventure, and that’s where Nell “finds herself being sucked back in.”



Sam and Katherine


These two are like those very new couples who still have difficulty letting their guards down around each other. Sam (LL Cool J) and Katherine (Moon Bloodgood) are “two very guarded people who get in their own way,” Gemmill has spilled, also adding how Sam’s daughter in military school helps overcome this awkwardness between the two. TV Insider reports that Kamran will help Sam to finally open up to Katherine in a way he really hasn’t been able to. But joyous as finally being able to speak your mind might be, there’s a downside to it too. Like most couples, Sam and Katherine end up expressing their individual ideas of Kamran’s future, and turns out their interests clash! Whether these differences are reconcilable or not is the burning question.



Callen and Anna


According to Gimmell, the sassy Callen (Chris O’Donnell), too suave for his own good, reaches a vantage point in his thing with the sizzling Anna (Bar Paly). The couple of exes sure made sparks fly the last time Anna was on the show in Season 11, when she arrived to warn Callen of the threats he was facing. But the one noticeable aspect of seeing the two onscreen was how their chemistry was still off the charts. Probably why Gimmell teased that Callen will find himself in a situation “where he wants to make a commitment he never thought he would.” Are wedding bells on the horizon? About time considering the last wedding on the show was Densi and now, in their probable absence, we need more feels than anything else!



‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ returns with Season 12 on Sunday, November 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT only on CBS.