The Real Reason Lucas Black Left NCIS: New Orleans

Lucas Black knows how to make an exit – and so does NCIS: New Orleans. Heads up – major spoilers ahead. During the sixth episode of Season Six, called “Matthew 5:9,” Black’s character Special Agent Christopher LaSalle died after sustaining gunshot wounds to his arm and stomach while on a mission to avenge the death of his brother. It’s not easy to say goodbye to a key character after six seasons, but it’s comforting to know that Black reportedly didn’t depart from NCIS: New Orleans on a whim or because of any behind-the-scenes drama no one knew about. Instead, Black exited the procedural for a very important reason: to spend more time with family. In a video uploaded to the NCIS: New Orleans YouTube channel, Black, who is married with three children, explained his decision to part ways with the CBS series. He admitted that while the show has been, quote, “so good to [him] over the years,” the schedule wasn’t always easy. It may be tough for fans to accept a beloved star has other priorities, but nothing but love and support has surrounded Black’s dramatic exit from the show. According to TV Insider, the NCIS: New Orleans showrunners said in a statement, “We had an amazing run with Lucas Black and he has been such an important part of our NCIS: New Orleans team. We are sad to see him go, but happy he will have more time to spend with his family.” High-profile stars might sometimes use “family” as a fake excuse to exit an unwanted situation, but Black’s co-workers seem convinced that his reasons are genuine. C.C.H. Pounder, who plays medical examiner Loretta Wade, said in a video released by the show that Black wasn’t all that concerned with the idea of being a Hollywood star. “The most important thing is to be a family man and I think he’s just not over all the other choices.” Black, who according to CBS, earned his first film role when he was 11, has mainly worked on NCIS over the last six years. Newsweek previously speculated that Black might be leaving the show to free up time for other on-screen ventures – like future installments of the Fast & Furious franchise, in which he plays Tokyo-based American street racer Sean Boswell. Black last appeared in 2015’s Furious 7 and was also in 2006’s The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Rumors of his casting in Fast & Furious 9 have swirled for several years, but Black was also expected to appear in the eighth movie in the franchise and didn’t. While it’s not clear yet whether Black will appear in Fast & Furious 9, it’s also unknown whether any movie casting would have taken him away from NCIS: New Orleans. Keep watching the video to see the rest of the real reason Lucas Black left NCIS: New Orleans! #NCISNewOrleans