‘NCIS’: Gibbs Might Have Told McGee the Biggest Secret of All

NCIS boss Leroy Jethro Gibbs is a man with a lot of secrets. Not long ago, he revealed a secret about killing the man who killed his family. However, this isn’t the biggest secret held by Gibbs. You might have missed it, but there’s a bigger secret that finally came to light during the NCIS Season 17 finale. Here’s what Gibbs did that unveiled something he has been hiding for years.

Gibbs has experienced a lifetime of loss

Gibbs is a broken character with a lot of flaws, according to Mark Harmon. He’s also a character who has experienced a tremendous amount of pain and loss. One of the biggest hurts he experienced is the murder of his first wife and his daughter. They were killed at the hands of Pedro Hernandez. Gibbs later confesses to his team that he took Hernandez’s life. Gibbs also lost agent Kate Todd during season 2 after she was shot during the season finale. Although they aren’t dead, Gibbs also lost Phineas and Ziva in a way. The people he becomes close to either get killed or leave.