Goodbye Agent McGee? ‘NCIS’ Sparks Rumors That Sean Murray Might Be Leaving The Show

NCIS’s fans might be facing a huge disappointment in the future. There have been rumors that Timothy McGee won’t delight us with his wit anymore.

Loved by many, Agent McGee has been a part of the CBS hit for 16 seasons. Sean Murray, who portrays the computer genius on the screen, once even commented that the role has never stopped to be challenging and exciting for him.

Throughout the many seasons, Timothy McGee has received many nicknames. McJagger, McNerd, McGoogle – it’s hard to pick a favorite. But are we really saying goodbye to our beloved character? Is McGee’s time over? The rumors that NCIS will lose a major char

After McGee and Kasie finish another case, they start chatting about the tech gifts Agent McGee received. Kasie reveals that she called the company and found out that they send gifts only to “perspective employees.” After that, Timothy finally admits that he is being “head-hunted.”
Even though McGee doesn’t seem too sure about the job, it looks like a red flag to us! Many fans didn’t take the episode great either, saying that the CBS drama’s creators shouldn’t let him go.
However, even though McGee is a key member of the cast, the show wrote off many instrumental characters before. We are still hurting from losing Abigail ‘Abby’ Sciuto, who left the series after season 15.

Pauley Perrette confessed that she is leaving the show long before her character said goodbye to the NCIS team on the screen, but we still miss her.