NCIS season 18 theories: Will Gibbs be k1lled off? ‘Everyone is replaceable’

Leroy Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) has been the main character of the crime procedural ever since season one. Over 17 outings of NCIS so far, fans have watched him deal with near-d3ath experiences and make many enemies. However, did a clue from Mark Harmon reveal Gibbs could be in danger when the series returns?

Will Gibbs be k1lled off in NCIS season 18?

Fans have been concerned about Gibbs’ future on the show for a number of seasons now following conversations about when he might retire.

Viewers will remember how the topic was brought up in season 16 when Gibbs saw his therapist.

While the NCIS leader was against this at the time, fans were left wondering if his time on the show was nearing its end.

Now heading into season 18, the star is likely to face more danger than ever before as the NCIS team deals with more cases.

NCIS season 18 theories: Will Gibbs be killed off?

NCIS season 18 theories: Will Gibbs be killed off? (Image: CBS/GETTY)

NCIS season 18

NCIS season 18: What’s next for Gibbs? (Image: CBS/GETTY)

And given Gibbs’ tendency to throw himself into the firing line, some fans are worried about him.

This is especially the case as the star behind the role Mark Harmon has previously spoken about the potential of Gibbs dying.

When he appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden back in 2015, Harmon opened up about this.

Corden prompted the star to reveal who might die in the season 12 finale of the CBS drama.

NCIS season 18

NCIS season 18: Gibbs has been in some sticky situations (Image: CBS/GETTY)

NCIS season 18

NCIS season 18: Mark Harmon opened up (Image: GETTY)

Harmon said: “I really believe this but I think anybody on the show is replaceable.”

Corden replied saying: “You’re not! They’re not going to sack you!”

“And I think there’s always been a creative footprint on this show and I think it keeps actors healthy.

“It’s not my choice [that] I’m number one but I think anybody is replaceable, I believe that.”

While it was not Gibbs’ time to go at the end of season 12, this is not to say he is out of danger.

And if Harmon is to be believed, even the head of NCIS might be at risk.

This would also not be the first time a major character has been killed off of the series.

However, Harmon then joked: “Would they sack you? Maybe! So I don’t believe [that].

“The truth is this show births characters leaving, it always has.

In fact during the spin-off show NCIS New Orleans, one of the main original stars was killed last season.

Christopher LaSalle (Lucas Black) was shot and killed mid-way through the outing, leaving fans devastated.

However, nothing yet has been revealed about season 18 which would suggest Gibbs will be in the firing line.

Therefore, fans will just have to wait and see what happens when the series returns to CBS.

NCIS season 18 is expected to be released later in 2020.