NCIS Los Angeles: Marty Deeks actor Eric Olsen says he’s ready for next season

The NCIS franchise doesn’t want to stop, and with the fan fanatic that the NClS Los Angeles series generated, much less. The actor who brings Marty Deeks, Eric Olsen,to life, has recently commented on being ready and fit to return to productions.

His character Marty Deeks is already recovering and he’s ready

The actor who gave life to the character Marty Deeks,was only scheduled to appear in a couple of episodes for the series in the first season, according to information from his contract at the time.

But just by appearing in two episodes of the first season, he quickly became one of the most loved by fans and that’s why he started being part of the sheer résenicingcast starting with the second season.

Now actor Eric Christian Olsenis already in his 11th season and has recently made instagram posts commenting on feeling ready and energized for the next installment of the series.

The character Marty Deeks,I could be perhaps one of the most sensitive members of the entire NCIS Los Angelesteam, but the actor is known for always being willing to do anything and being very athletic.

This new energies and physical appearance of the actor will certainly be very useful to you for the NCIS Los Angeles series and season 12 that could begin to occur early next year.

Perhaps with this new look of actor Eric Olsen,the series could show us something new last minute with the character Marty Deeks and his relationship with Kensi,for season 12.

All viewers of the NCIS Los Angeles series are looking forward to many productions coming back in their way and being able to enjoy them again, we hope that will happen very soon.