NCIS: Los Angeles star Catherine Bell reveals the one disappointment from Mac’s crossover

As is the case for a number of television series across the globe, including parent show NCIS, the Los Angeles-based spin-off will bring its current run to a shorter than expected close tonight on CBS. The 11th season of the crime drama will still be going out with a bang, however, as JAG and NCIS favourite Mac (played by Catherine Bell) returns to lend a helping hand to Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and Sam Hanna (LL Cool J).

f the promo and synopsis for the season 11 finale is anything to go by, it looks like Mac is going to have to be back on her A-game.

Mac arrives to inform Callen, Sam and newcomer Special Agent Dev Rountree (Caleb Castille) of a rather disturbing case unfolding in Afghanistan.

According to the former JAG star, two Navy SEALs have claimed their commanding officer has murdered an unarmed prisoner.

The trio jet off to the middle east for answers following their reintroduction to Mac.

NCIS LA: Mac is back in the season finale

NCIS LA: Mac is back in the season finale (Image: CBS)

NCIS LA: Sam and Callen will come face-to-face with Mac

NCIS LA: Sam and Callen will come face-to-face with Mac (Image: CBS)

It’s not the first time Mac’s shown her face in LA as she was part fo the cast which closed season 10.

However, there is a clear difference this time as Mac is back head to toe in her NCIS outfit.

Speaking to TVLine, actor Catherine could barely hide her excitement at making her comeback in the NCIS/JAG universe.

She said: “I love it! I was so excited. And it’s the first time I’ve been back in the uniform in 15 years or so.”

NCIS LA: Catherine Bell as Mac in the last season

NCIS LA: Catherine Bell as Mac in the last season (Image: GETTY/CBS)

Despite her excitement at her latest stint, Catherine did reveal she was disappointed not to be given the chance to don the outfit last season on her first return.

She told the publication: “The first time I guest-starred on the show, I thought I’d be in uniform,

“But as excited as I was to be back on, I was like, ‘Awww, I’m not wearing the uniform?'”

However, Catherine’s revealed she was given reassurances it would happen at some point.

She continued: “But [showrunner] Scott [Gemmill] assured me it would happen because Mac is still a Marine,

“She was just working State Department kind of stuff [in the season 10 finale].”

While it’s unclear whether Mac will be back in season 12 or beyond, Catherine has teased her appearance in tonight’s episode will be action-packed.

When asked if Mac will be on top of the guys during their investigation, Catherine said: “Yep, pretty much.

“That’s what these JAG lawyers are there to do.

“She knows the law really well and consults with all the top political guys because it is a minefield.

“She lets these guys know what they can and can’t do until she at one point loses contact with them, which is of course very scary.”

NCIS: Los Angeles season 11 concludes tonight on CBS.